A Quick Fix for Broken Braces

During your journey towards a Spectacular Smile®, you might experience a poking wire, broken brace or Invisalign tray that doesn’t fit.  In the event that something seems wrong with your braces or Invisalign system, please contact our office via phone or email so that we can walk you through the next steps to take.

Many patients discover they can fix most small irritations with their braces at home with wax or nail clippers.  If you are out of town or simply don’t want to drive to our office, 99% of orthodontic “emergencies” can be handled at home with a few tips you will see in the video below.  For all other concerns when something doesn’t feel right, be sure to schedule an appointment so that one of our Smile Specialists can evaluate the situation and make recommendations or corrections with any broken braces, wires or appliances.

Research shows each broken brace (or bracket) during orthodontic treatment leads to a corresponding increase in treatment delay by one month.  Break 12 brackets, stay in braces an extra year.  It’s that simple.  Be sure to monitor what you eat and avoid habits like chewing on pens or fingernails.  These can lead to broken braces and delay your treatment and/or lead to poor treatment results.  It’s up to you (or your child) to take care of your braces in order to achieve a spectacular result.

Watch the video below for a funny take on how to fix braces in a pinch.

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